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Founded in 2001, Grecu Capital Management, Inc. is an independent 100% fee-only advisory and wealth management firm providing investment management and financial planning for high net-worth individuals and families, retirees, business owners and executives, and medical professionals.

We offer institutional quality investment strategies based on rigorous academic research and decades of empirical evidence. The firm maintains strategic partnerships with Dimensional Fund Advisors Inc. and other research centers.

Why Grecu Capital Management?


We are not engaged in, affiliated with, or controlled by any organization in the brokerage, insurance, underwriting, or other financial services fields. We will never jeopardize our ability to render independent fiduciary advice.

100% Fee-Only

We are compensated on a fee-only basis rather than through brokerage commissions. Advisors who work on commissions are more likely to recommend frequent transactions in your portfolio. A fee-only advisor has fewer conflicts of interest and is more likely to have your best interest in mind.


Because competence is a critical determinant of success, we continually assess our ability to appropriately and effectively address the needs of our clients. We maintain our competence by recognizing that professional education must be viewed as a lifetime commitment.


Our clients expect and deserve exceptional service. We deliver it by striving to understand what is important to you both personally and financially so that we may anticipate your needs. We strive to exceed your expectations by emphasizing excellence in all that we do.

Exclusive Low-Cost Investment Vehicles

As an institutional investment firm we can buy investment vehicles not available to the public including discounted institutional (limited access) no-load mutual funds and separate account managers. The funds and managers we use to target the world’s most attractive markets have lower expenses, lower trading costs, lower turnover rates and more consistent asset allocation.

Personalized Investment Policy

Based on our understanding of your specific investment needs, we create an Investment Policy for you. The Investment Policy outlines the allocation of each asset class in your portfolio, the type of securities we will invest in and the expected return and risk associated with your portfolio. Your personal investment policy is our joint plan to reach your goals.

Reporting and Transparency

We provide you with a detailed quarterly assessment of your portfolio’s performance and market values. We determine whether the market value of your portfolio is growing quickly enough to achieve your objectives and whether any adjustments need to be made. We maintain detailed investment records for your account.


We are committed to the highest levels of ethical standards and honesty. We put our clients’ needs first, stand behind our work and deliver on our promises.

Our Approach

Great accomplishments are preceded by sound strategy.  Creating the financial future you desire is no different.  The following principles define our financial philosophy.

  • Before you can plan, you must understand what you are planning for.  By defining what is important to you, what you value in life, financial goals become clear and a plan for achieving them can be created.

  • In order to maximize the probability of success, planning should be comprehensive.  The best investment strategy can be completely undone by an unplanned for setback such as serious illness, disability or a significant but unexpected expense.

  • The best financial plan is worthless if it is not implemented.  A trusted financial advisor can help contribute to your success by providing discipline and accountability.

  • The key to investment success is sound strategy combined with discipline, patience and realistic expectations.

  • It is not what you earn but what you keep that counts.  Inflation, taxes, expenses and risks must always be considered and planned for.
Our Fees

Once we have determined your personal financial goals and established a comprehensive financial plan for achieving them we implement a wealth management strategy. Wealth management fees are calculated as a percentage of invested assets, charged quarterly, in advance and subject to a minimum annual fee of $10,000.

Your Advisor

Meet Lex

Team Member

Lex Grecu, CFA, CFP®

President | Wealth Advisor | Director of Investment Strategy
Frequently Asked Questions


What is an independent financial advisor?
Independent Registered Investment Advisers are professional independent advisory firms that provide personalized financial advice to their clients, many of whom have complex financial needs. Because these advisors are independent, they are not tied to any particular family of funds or investment products. As fiduciaries, they are held to the highest standard of care—and are required to act in the best interests of their clients at all times. They are registered with either the Securities and Exchange Commission or state securities regulators.
What does being a Fiduciary mean?
A fiduciary is a professional entrusted to manage assets or wealth while putting the client’s best interests first at all times. Financial advisors who follow a fiduciary standard must disclose any conflict, or potential conflict, to their clients prior to and throughout the advisory engagement. Fiduciaries will also adopt a code of ethics and will fully disclose how they are compensated.
What separates us from other financial advisors?
A combination of independence, comprehensive service, and client focus sets us apart. As an independent Registered Investment Advisor, we provide the best advice for each client’s specific situation and needs without concerning ourselves with the agenda of a parent company. Our services range from financial planning to investment management to estate planning—we can meet a wide range of needs under one roof. Finally, we are oriented toward providing each client the attention and service they deserve. We treat our clients as individuals and not numbers.
Where is my money kept?
In our advisory role, we never take custody of client assets. We utilize TD Ameritrade, Inc. as the custodian of client accounts and as our primary broker. Our relationship with TD Ameritrade, Inc. is an arm’s length transaction with no exchange of funds between TD Ameritrade, Inc. and us. When your account is established with TD Ameritrade, Inc., you provide us with limited trading authorization on your account. This authority allows us to process trades directly in client accounts.
How do I begin?
Typically, we only need a copy of your most recent account statement and your signatures on a few forms. We will take care of setting up your new account and transferring your assets.
We focus on Comprehensive Wealth Management.
Lex Grecu, CFA, CFP®

We are proud to sit on the same side of the table as our clients.


Chartered Financial Analyst


Certified Financial Planner™

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